Monday, 15 July 2013

My wife's Virgin Online Business

I read an article a short while ago about this guy making money by doing service arbitrage. Basically, he finds people who can provide a type of service at a very low price and clients who are willing to pay this type of service at a much higher price. Then he just acts as the middle man by facilitating the transaction. When I read his story, I thought to myself that I could ask my wife to try that too. So I helped the wife find a service niche where she can easily match the service providers and the clients. Guess what happened just one week later?

Yes, She made $200 dollars in just one week by doing nothing but emailing the clients and the service providers from her laptop. The wife was literally blown away by the results she saw. This is the first time the wife started doing online business. She was completely shocked by the fact that she could make money so freaking fast, given that she had no prior experience in online business.

After her initial success, the wife got hooked to online business. She starts working harder without me having to remind her to do work. All she does now every day is posting advertisements to get new clients while coordinating between the client and the service provider. All this is done in her free time and from working at home.

However, the wife started to face her first challenge not long ago. She found that she was not getting enough clients. For each new client, she makes about 40 dollars. If she can get three new clients a day, that will be 120 dollars. At this rate, she will be able to bring in 3600 dollars a month. That can replace her full time job easily.

So, brainstorming ways to get more clients and increase sales is the wife's top priority now. I stepped in to help her with this. Below is some of the suggestions I made:
  • Tracking the advertisements should help her understand which classified ads website can bring in more leads. Thus she can focus more on posting ads on these websites
  • Find more websites or forums where she can advertise the services
  • Take advantage of social media platforms. She can post the ads on social media websites to attract more clients
  • Find more service niches where she can apply this service arbitrage technique to make money
Okay, It is late over here. We will talk next time. Hope that you enjoy reading this post. If you are interested in knowing more business tips, you can visit my website here.

Good night, my lovely wife!

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